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robots vs luddites 1 of 2

Why would a Luddite break a machine? What is the social significance of software piracy? These questions and more are pondered in this brief discussion of the concept of the "forces and relations of production" in Industrial Revolution and the Information Revolution. Full text at: kapitalism101.wordpress.com music by a great Trio from the West Coast called "Beep". Check them out at myspace.com/beeptrio
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manufacturing consent 1 of 2

You may have heard of the book by Noam Chomsky (and Ed Herman) with the same title as this video. But actually the ideas in this video are based on a different book by the same title, "Manufacturing Consent" by Michael Burawoy, which was written in 1979, years before the Chomsky book. Chomsky's book is about the institutional structure of the media and they way this imposes an ideology upon a society. Burawoy argues that the structure of capitalist social relations generates its own ...
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