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Paul Foot: The triple whammy

Tonypandy Miners in 1910. photograph by Tonypandy Photographer - L. LaddPaul Foot reviews The Strange Death of Liberal England by George Dangerfield. The book covers the collapse of Liberalism in the early 20th century and growing resistance from the downtrodden.

  • Written by Paul Foot
  • Category: History

Beating the Bomb

beating the bomb clipThis is a film about the biggest weapons of mass destruction ever created: it is about the people who use them, and more importantly it is about the people who fight them.

  • Written by Kate Hudson
  • Category: Film Review

Nick Clegg: Is he any different?

Polls show a leap in support for the Liberal Democrats after Thursday's leaders debate. Alex Snowdon investigates whether the Liberal Democrats can provide a viable alternative.

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