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The Leveson Inquiry: should we care?

Public revulsion over the Murdoch scandal is connected to wider discontent about power and privilege, and cuts in public services. The Leveson Inquiry is far from ideal, but can be used alongside more radical initiatives to challenge media power.

  • Written by Des Freedman
  • Category: Opinion

EDL: they did not pass

Thousands of anti-racists demonstrated in East London yesterday, defying the English Defence League who wanted to march through the multicultural borough of Tower Hamlets.

The Libyan Quagmire

Abdul Hakim BelhadjThe combined elements of Al Qaeda apologists, Ex-Regime figureheads and NATO backing is beginning to look like a decreasingly promising prospect for safe transition argues Joshua Virasami.

  • Written by Joshua Virasami
  • Category: Opinion

The Bourbon Mentality

Cameron as Louis XVILindsey German: Britain's rulers refuse to confront any of the problems which led to the riots - not unlike the French monarchy before it was overthrown in 1789

  • Written by Lindsey German
  • Category: Opinion

Goodwill scavenging: responses to the riots

Clean upPeople from all backgrounds – black, white, Asian, working class and middle class turned out to clean up their areas after the riots. Amongst them was Charles Brown, who looks at the contradictions of the riot clean up movement.

  • Written by Charles Brown
  • Category: Opinion

Blaming the family - again

Young riotersLindsey German writing for the Huffington Post - David Cameron's focus on the family serves to absolve the authorities of blame.

  • Written by Lindsey German
  • Category: Opinion

The London riots, the war in Afghanistan and Amy Winehouse

Riot and warSome thuggery is more worthy of condemnation than others. Don't hold your breath in waiting for David Cameron to express outrage over the "sickening violence" of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq or the bombing of Libya.

  • Written by Robin Beste
  • Category: Opinion

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