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Lessons on Islamophobia

Islamophobia rears its ugly head as a woman wearing the niqab is turned away from her son's parents evening over 'security concerns', writes Assed Baig.

Sarsak 1 - 0 Israel

Pete Ramand reports on the latest hunger strike to score a victory against the Israeli state

  • Written by Peter Ramand
  • Category: Opinion

Between imperialism and repression

Sami Ramadani speaks to Samuel Grove about the dynamics of the conflict in Syria, arguing that democratic resistance to Assad's brutal regime has been eclipsed by reactionary forces, backed by Western and Gulf states

Euro 2012: Racism and the media

Euro 2012 has begun amidst a media furore over racism in Polish and Ukrainian football. Sam Beaton argues that the media's portrayal of the issue does not get to the root of the problem

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