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Join the Revolution! Festival this weekend to discuss the pressing issues for the left

The Revolution! Festival starts on Saturday night at 6.30pm with an online rally 'NATO, Ukraine and the New World Disorder: Against Imperialism East and West'.

The meeting takes place on an international day of action against the war in Ukraine and days before the start of the NATO summit in Madrid which will be calling for escalation and remilitarisation against Russia.

It brings together a brilliant international panel - including Shabbir Lakha, Vijay Prashad and Phyllis Bennis - who will debunk the Western myths about the war and provide a much needed analysis of the alarming global drift to war.  

We are very pleased to announce that Alex Kenny from the National Education Union executive will be joining the panel in a personal capacity.

The festival continues on Sunday with a packed agenda of discussions, debates and diatribes about the multilevel crises we face and the growing resistance.

The full programme is below. Sign up now, share widely and join the Revolution!

[Click on the timetable to enlarge]


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