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Following the breakthrough for the left in the French legislative elections, we are looking forward to hearing from Danièle Obono at Revolution! Festival this weekend

Sunday's National Assembly elections in France heralded a historic shift. The new left coalition NUPES won 131 votes, depriving Macron's governing Ensemble bloc of a parliamentary majority. This is a huge victory. It has put a previously marginal left on the map and will potentially lead to a significant shift in French politics.

We are excited that leading French socialist MP Danièle Obono will join Counterfire's Revolution! Festival on Sunday 26 June. This will be a perfect opportunity to discuss the key issues facing the movement and how to build the biggest possible socialist resistance.

Danièle will join the panel of our final session Confronting the crisis: Next steps for the left to discuss the elections, the progress of the French left and the struggle to come. Join her and a host of leading figures from across the left - including Jeremy Corbyn, Lowkey, Lindsey German, James Schneider, Phyllis Bennis, Vijay Prashad and Michael Roberts - for a weekend packed full of ideas, analysis and politics.

The full programme is below. Sign up now, share widely and join the Revolution!

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