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The People's Assembly have drafted a model motion to submit to trade union branches, Trades Councils, CLPs and other campaign groups to support the NHS Emergency demonstration on Saturday 3 February

Below is the full text of the Model Motion. Click here to DOWNLOAD the motion to print and distribute. 

This organisation notes:

1 The unprecedented winter crisis in the NHS

2 The cancellation of non-emergency surgery in January and its possible cancellation in February

3 The continued underfunding and covert privatisation of NHS and social care services

4 The continued low pay of many NHS workers

5 The Emergency NHS demonstration called by the People's Assembly Against Austerity and Health Campaigns Together on Saturday 3rd February 2018

This organisation believes:

1 That this government will destroy the NHS as a free-at-the-point-of-need service unless it is prevented from doing so by mass protest

2 That the People's Assembly and Health Campaigns Together have already organised the largest pro-NHS demonstrations in recent history

3 That the demonstration of 3rd February deserves our full support

This organisation resolves:

1 To publicise the 3rd February NHS Emergency Demonstration as widely as possible among our members and supporters

2 To produce or acquire publicity material for this demonstration for this purpose

3 To send a named delegation with this organisation’s banner on this demonstration

4 To book or contribute to the costs of transport to this demonstration

5 To lobby local councillors and MPs to attend this demonstration

6 To inform the local press of our plans

7 To report back to our members about this demonstration

8 To send a donation of £_____ to assist in the costs of mounting this demonstration*

9 To inform the People's Assembly of our support for this demonstration so that the full depth of opposition to government NHS policy can be made public

*Please make cheques out to The People’s Assembly, 52 Beachy Road, London, E3 2NS (please clearly mark donations for NHS Demonstration)

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