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anti-war protest

Anti-war protestors in London, April 2017. Photo: Flickr/Jim Aindow

Theresa May‘s plans to start airstrikes against Assad are another reason to vote her out

The press is full of reports that Theresa May will seek a vote in parliament for British airstrikes against Assad if she wins a big enough majority in the general election. There could be no better reason to vote to get her out. British attacks on the Assad regime can only prolong the war and the misery of the Syrian people.

The briefings on Syria show that Theresa May and her advisors have learnt nothing from the last sixteen years of Britain's disastrous foreign wars. In fact they show that she is keen to step up British military involvement in the Middle East and in particular that she wants to position Britain as Donald Trump's most enthusiastic and loyal military ally. To seek such a relationship with the most reactionary, xenophobic and unpredictable ​p​resident in US history is both shameful and dangerous. In the last few weeks, Trump has pushed the world to the brink of war.

As even the Lords committee on international relations argued earlier this week the US is a 'wild card' and Britain needs to develop an independent foreign policy in the Middle East. The report concludes, 'we really need to think for ourselves'. Stop the War is urging people to vote no to war in the coming general election and will continue to campaign strongly against British involvement in yet another doomed and damaging foreign adventure.

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