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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Must revolution always mean catastrophe?

Neither Cromwell, nor Robespierre, nor Lenin, could become an icon or avatar for the reactionary regimes they helped to overthrow, but Stalin was different argues Bill Bowring

  • Written by Bill Bowring
  • Category: History
Drawing of Tupac Shakur. Photo: Wikipedia

Tupac Shakur: Rap Revolution

A look at the political life of Tupac Shakur, and the implications for today's black movement, from Sean Ledwith

  • Written by Sean Ledwith
  • Category: History
A crowd gathers at the Mansion House in Dublin in the days before the truce in July 1921. Photo: Wikipedia

How the Easter Rising changed the world

In the final part of our series, Chris Bambery argues that the Easter Rising relaunched the struggle for independence in Ireland and inspired national liberation movements globally

  • Written by Chris Bambery
  • Category: History