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Feb 15 Iraq Protest from the air

Birdseye video footage taken of the biggest demonstration in British history - the march against the Iraq war - is published today for the first time by the-sauce.org.

  • Written by The Sauce
  • Category: History

Peach Papers

A secret report into the suspected police killing of an anti-racism campaigner 30 years ago must be published, Sir Paul Stephenson said today.

  • Written by Chris Greenwood, Press Association
  • Category: History

Obama and Iran

On Tuesday this week, in a rally celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Iranian revolution, Iranian President Ahmadinejad softened his recent more hostile stance to the US by welcoming talks based on ‘mutual respect’. This came on the back of a number of recent reports, ever since the election of US President Barak Obama last November, suggesting a historic three-decade thaw in Iran-US relations.

  • Written by Naz Massoumi
  • Category: History