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Birdseye video footage taken of the biggest demonstration in British history - the march against the Iraq war - is published today for the first time by the-sauce.org.

{mbox:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_rjSnH9qcQ|600|388|title=February 15 2003 protest from the air |vthumb=london_anti-war_protest_banners.jpg|height=245|width=400|caption=Play Video >>}

The film shows how a river of two million people flowed across London on February 15 2003 as part of a global day of protest against the bombing in the Middle East.

The footage, which has no audio, was released for the first time by the Metropolitan Police following a Freedom of Information request by the sauce.org.

A Met Police spokesperson said: "We have agreed to release the film. Some of the quality is not great because the link wasn't working well on the day."

The protest was organised by the Stop the War Coalition, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and the Muslim Association of Britain.

Six years after the demonstration and the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq have proven to by deadly and costly with an estimated one million lives lost in Iraq.

A demonstration is being held at Downing Street tomorrow (Monday) at 5pm to mark the fact the number of British soldiers killed in Afghanistan has eclipsed those killed in Iraq.

A meeting titled Afghanistan, The Good War? will take place two hours later at 7pm at Friends Meeting House in London's Euston.

A total of fifteen British soldiers have been killed in the last nine days alone bringing the total to 184 dead, five more than were killed in Iraq.


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