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Battle of Saltley Gate plaque

1972: When workers turned the lights out

On the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Saltley Gate, John Westmoreland recounts the tremendous events of 1972, when rank-and-file militancy and widespread solidar­ity struck a huge blow to the ruling class

  • Written by John Westmoreland
  • Category: History
The 14 victims of Bloody Sunday

The Road to Derry

Michael Lavalette introduces Seamus Heaney's poem commemorating the victims of the Bloody Sunday massacre on the 50th anniversary

Kent NUM badge

The 1972 miners’ strike: a rank-and-file strike

An excerpt from Tony Cliff's Patterns of Mass Strike which describes the impact of the 1972 miners’ strike and the background to a wave of rank-and-file militancy and solidarity from across the working class

  • Written by Tony Cliff
  • Category: History
Tony Cliff

1972: A great year for the workers - Tony Cliff

As part of a series of articles marking the 50th anniversary of a tremendous year for the British working class, we republish Tony Cliff’s overview of the decisive events of 1972

  • Written by Tony Cliff
  • Category: History