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amlo mexico

A New Hope for Mexico - book review

AMLO, the new Mexican president, represents a break from neoliberalism, despite the political limitations of his programme, argues Orlando Hill

  • Written by Orlando Hill
  • Category: Book Reviews
two londons

Tales of Two Londons - book review

This collection of writings on London has some striking moments, but is lacking class politics, despite its stated theme, finds Tom Lock Griffiths

  • Written by Tom Griffiths
  • Category: Book Reviews
Trade is War

Trade is war - book review

Trade is War criticises globalisation, but does not distinguish national from class struggle, and fails to understand capitalist imperialism, finds Orlando Hill

  • Written by Orlando Hill
  • Category: Book Reviews
graeber book

Bullshit Jobs: A Theory - book review

David Graeber’s new book raises many questions about the function and worth of work, but doesn’t entirely explain why useless work persists, finds Clare Solomon

  • Written by Clare Solomon
  • Category: Book Reviews
connolly reader

The James Connolly Reader - book review

A collection of the writings of James Connolly, the Irish socialist revolutionary, contains still relevant insights about imperialism and national liberation, argues Kevin Crane

  • Written by Kevin Crane
  • Category: Book Reviews