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The Lie of Global Prosperity

The Lie of Global Prosperity - book review

Donnelly’s The Lie of Global Prosperity shows how global institutions use bad data to promote the idea that poverty has declined due to neoliberal globalisation, finds Orlando Hill

  • Written by Orlando Hill
  • Category: Book Reviews
dilemmas of lenin

The Dilemmas of Lenin

In the week of the 150th anniversary of Lenin's birth, we repost Lindsey German's review of Tariq Ali's The Dilemmas of Lenin

  • Written by Lindsey German
  • Category: Book Reviews
A People Betrayed

A People Betrayed - book review

Paul Preston’s A People Betrayed is a searing and thorough account of how the Spanish state developed with corruption endemic to its functioning, finds Chris Bambery

  • Written by Chris Bambery
  • Category: Book Reviews
Shamrocks and Oil Slicks

Shamrocks and Oil Slicks - book review

Wilcox’s Shamrocks and Oil Slicks recounts the inspiring resistance in county Mayo against their government and Shell Oil’s collusion to force oil development, finds Ellen Graubart

  • Written by Ellen Graubart
  • Category: Book Reviews

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