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Gadget Consciousness - book review

In Gadget Consciousness, Joss Hands unpacks some of the ways social media helps and hinders collective consciousness and activism, finds Peter Stäuber

  • Written by Peter Stauber
  • Category: Book Reviews

The Debt System - book review

The Debt System argues that international debt is a system of exploitation of poorer countries, which should be regarded as illegitimate, finds Phil Armstrong

  • Written by Phil Armstrong
  • Category: Book Reviews

Understanding Marxism - book review

Richard Wolff in Understanding Marxism concisely introduces Marx’s essential arguments on exploitation in capitalism, and workers’ democracy, finds Graham Kirkwood

  • Written by Graham Kirkwood
  • Category: Book Reviews

Corbynism from Below – book review

Corbynism from Below is a wide-ranging collection of thoughtful essays on this historic opportunity for the left to transform society, finds Kevin Ovenden

  • Written by Kevin Ovenden
  • Category: Book Reviews

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