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Vote Labour poster, 2019. Photo: Evelyn Simak/cropped from original/licensed under CC2.0, linked at bottom of article

Why Labour can't deliver

We need to dig deep for the roots of Labour’s failures, argues Dragan Plavšić

  • Written by Dragan Plavšić
  • Category: Analysis
Boris Johnson in Downing Street

Johnson's choice: no good Brexit options

Whichever way the prime minister looks, he is presented with a circle of problems that is becoming increasingly difficult to square, argues Martin Hall

  • Written by Martin Hall
  • Category: Analysis
Boycott Israeli apartheid. Photo: Palestine Solidarity Campaign/cropped from the original/licensed under CC2.0, linked at the bottom of article

Antisemitism is weaponised in Ontario

As the IHRA definition becomes law in Ontario, and attacks on our ability to fight for Palestine and criticise Israel intensify, the left mustn't give an inch, argues John Clarke

  • Written by John Clarke
  • Category: Analysis

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