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A resolution on building local Counterfire groups passed at Counterfire National Conference 2015. Proposed by Newcastle Counterfire

Conference believes:

  1. Local Counterfire groups are the main unit of our organisation and play an indispensable role in recruiting members, developing the political understanding of all members, and organising our participation in broad movements. 
  2. Local groups need to meet frequently and find ways of both facilitating political discussion and enabling our members to operate effectively in campaigns, coalitions and trade unions.
  3. It is essential that local groups operate in a framework of priorities and strategy agreed nationally by the organisation, while at the same time responding dynamically to local developments.
  4. Counterfire is an organisation of activists and - while members will vary in how much time they can commit - all members should be strongly encouraged to participate in their local group and contribute to its democratic decision-making.
  5. Local groups should combine introducing members (and indeed non-members) to the richness and relevance of the Marxist tradition with discussion of major current political topics, using our political and intellectual traditions to help make sense of evolving political realities.

Conference resolves:

  1. That all local groups will organise attractive meetings on relevant political topics to appeal to people beyond our own ranks (including activists we know through the movements) and to develop the shared political understanding of our own members.
  2. That all local groups will make meetings as welcoming and friendly as possible to encourage participation, and will encourage new attendees to join Counterfire or (failing that) to stay involved through attending further meetings.
  3. That all local groups will meet regularly to evaluate activities, agree our strategy and tactics, and discuss plans for future activity (both wider movement activity and our own initiatives).
  4. That all local groups will treat national conferences and meetings as a priority, ensuring that the geographical breadth and local experiences of the organisation are represented and articulated in our national forums.
  5. That all local groups will develop their own online networks - e.g. email list, Facebook page - to communicate with members and contacts, as well as routinely promoting our website and publications locally.
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