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A resolution on funding the activities of Counterfire passed at Counterfire National Conference 2015.

Submitted by the Steering Committee

Conference notes:

  1. The dramatic increases in membership seen by parties like the Green Party and the SNP, achieved in part by lowering financial and other barriers to signing up.
  2. A growing interest in revolutionary ideas resulting in increased hits on our website, attendance at meetings and a wider pool of potential members for Counterfire.
  3. The experience of those recruiting to the organisation that a number of people find the current formulation of the membership rate (a day’s or half a day’s pay per month) off-putting and a barrier to joining.
  4. The increasing frequency of donations received through the site from non-members, suggesting that we have a widening periphery of people who are sympathetic to us, prepared to support us but not (yet) prepared to consider joining.

Conference believes:

  1. That a simpler and more transparent membership rate would help a drive to increase our membership and bring a wider range of people into the organisation.
  2. That a supporters’/subscribers’ rate would enable us to build a relationship with those who are sympathetic but not at the point where they wish to join us, and would help fund our activity.

Conference resolves:

  1. To implement a membership rate with four levels: Unwaged (£5 pcm), Low waged (£15 pcm), Waged (£25 pcm) and Higher waged/Other (agreed individually).
  2. To enable supporters/subscribers to opt to make regular monthly payments.
  3. To continue to encourage new and existing members to move from the standard to an individually-agreed rate if their finances permit.
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