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A resolution on building the Counterfire organisation passed at Counterfire National Conference 2015.

Submitted by the Sterring Committee

We note:

  1. A new level of radicalisation within the movement and beyond. Seven years of austerity and protest has led some activists to the conclusion that we need systemic change. At the same time, as the political crisis deepens, the big questions about inequality, democracy - and behind them class and power - are being raised amongst quite large numbers.  
  2. A significant minority of these people are interested in revolutionary ideas as Russell Brand's popularity has shown.This explains why our online audience has gone up sharply and our meetings have grown. 
  3. As well as this radicalisation, the complexity of current political developments places a premium on Marxist analysis. 
  4. We need to focus on the more difficult job of convincing people of the need to bring theory and practice together in revolutionary organisation  

We resolve:

  1. To continue making building the movements of resistance as our number one priority 
  2. To increase our emphasis on Marxist analysis, theory and education 
  3. To launch a regular free broadsheet 
  4. To establish a subscribers/supporters option
  5. To increase the visibility of Counterfire by organising attractive public forums as near to every month as possible in every area/college we can and publicise them widely and to have at minimum fortnightly Counterfire meet ups in every area
  6. To launch a membership drive
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