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In defence of Wikileaks

Stop the War organised another spirited and moving rally on last Monday at Conway Hall to support Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, who faced his first day in court where he is being tried for extradition to Sweden. Over 300 people attended.

  • Written by Sam Dathi
  • Category: Latest News

Heated and chaotic scenes as Lambeth Council votes to cut

What was billed as a lobby outside Lambeth Town Hall to oppose the Labour Council’s decision to accept the cuts began with an awesome sight, banners from local campaign groups, Lambeth SOS, pensioners groups, GMB, Unison, billowing in the wind as passing cars honked in support.

  • Written by Matt Houlihan
  • Category: Latest News

Statement from the youth of Tahrir Square sit-in

Tahrir protestorsAfter attacks by counter-revolutionary forces organised by the regime and now attempts by the army to evict them we have received the following statement by protestors in Tahrir Square.

  • Written by Youth of Tahrir Square Sit-in
  • Category: Latest News

Luton marches against EDL thugs

The English Defence League demonstration in Luton today (5 February) was much smaller than predicted and easily outnumbered by anti-fascist protestors.

  • Written by Neil Faulkner
  • Category: Latest News

Appeal for international solidarity from the Cairo Conference

To all the peoples of the world… To the hundreds of thousands who demonstrated against capitalist globalization and neo-liberalism… To the millions who came out against war and imperialism… To the world’s workers and toilers… To the free writers, intellectuals and artists of the world… To all the people with free conscience…

We call upon you to act in all possible ways to salvage the leading forces of the Egyptian revolution in Al-Tahrir Square in Cairo… A massacre is being prepared now… Thousands of thugs and under-cover policemen are being mobilized under the supervision of the butcher Mubarak and the leading figures of his regime.

They are now attacking the demonstrators… They are now throwing Molotov cocktails and tear gas bombs against the peaceful demonstrators… There are now 500 injured people… And there is confirmed information that the thugs will attack the square en masse late at night after turning of the lights in the area. They intend to perpetrate a massive massacre…

We call upon all the honest people to act in all ways… Demonstrate at once… Spread the news of the massacre in all the corners of the world… Press your MPs and politicians and all the free civil society organizations to take decisive positions… long live the Egyptian revolution… Long live the international solidarity.

Please return messages to John Rees, Vice President (Europe), The Cairo Conference: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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