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Erasing Iraq

Sabah JawadFor nearly two decades, the US and its allies have prosecuted war and aggression in Iraq. The book Erasing Iraq shows in unparalleled detail, the devastating human cost.

  • Written by Adrian Cousins
  • Category: Video

Video: Greedy Tosser ft MC Cameron

clipLoughborough rapper NxtGen has produced this spoof music video attacking Andrew Lansley, featuring David Cameron and Nick Clegg

  • Written by Adrian Cousins
  • Category: Video

Made in the UK: Bahrain repression of democracy

John YatesThe brutal regime attacking pro-democracy protesters in Bahrain is being supplied with weapons imported from the UK and advice from former Met Police Assistant Commissioner John Yates.

  • Written by Russia Today
  • Category: Video

Greece and the EU financial crisis

Stathis KouvelakisStathis Kouvelakis discusses the financial crisis in Greece and the probability of defaulting on its EU debt.

  • Written by Stathis Kouvelakis
  • Category: Video

Wincanton drivers strike

Wincanton workersUnionNews reports on the start of seven days of strike action by more than 120 fuel haulage drivers in a campaign of industrial action to try to prevent cuts worth around 20% of their income.

  • Written by Union News
  • Category: Video

Iran: Former IAEA inspector questions the 'evidence'

In this interview with the Real News Network former International Atomic Energy Inspector (IAEA) Robert Kelly argues that the same pattern of questionable evidence used to justify war on Iraq is now appearing with Iran and he insists that the IAEA should allow peer review of its data.

  • Written by TRNN
  • Category: Video

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