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Iran: Former IAEA inspector questions the 'evidence'

In this interview with the Real News Network former International Atomic Energy Inspector (IAEA) Robert Kelly argues that the same pattern of questionable evidence used to justify war on Iraq is now appearing with Iran and he insists that the IAEA should allow peer review of its data.

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Video: 'Guerrilla assault on Iran well underway'

The military showdown in the Persian Gulf seems even more inevitable, with the UK foreign secretary not ruling out military action against Iran. Applying even more pressure to the country, Europe may ban Iranian oil imports by the end of the month. Chris Bambery of the International Socialist Group interviewed on Russia Today.

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Video: PCS walkouts against HMRC privatisation

More than 20,000 tax officers are holding lightning walkouts against plans to bring in private companies to do their work. Video by Union News.

PCS members who work in call centres and enquiry offices across the UK stage a series of short strikes and are planning more for 31 January -- the deadline for self-assessment returns and a key date in HMRC's diary.

The Coalition government has appointed two private companies, Sitel and Teleperformance, have been to run call handling trials at HMRC tax credit contact centres in Lillyhall in Cumbria and Bathgate in Scotland.

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Occupy Plymouth moves into the Plymouth Occupation Centre.

www.counterfire.org Re-edited shorter version of my previous video: youtu.be Occupy Plymouth has moved from its original site at Jigsaw Gardens to the old Job Centre on Buckwell Street. This is a bold step and everybody is invited to at least visit what has been renamed the 'Occupation Centre'. The occupiers have plans to make it a communal space where people can find out why they are there, take the opportunity to discuss the delicate political and economic situation that we have found ourselves in and explore possible courses of action for getting out of it. Clearly there are questions about how long the occupiers will be able to remain in this building, but they are most definitely in this 'process' for the long haul and it is doubtful if an eviction from this property would signal the end of Occupy Plymouth. fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net Get down there and show your support. The hour is getting late. The Citadel Gate, overlooking the 'Occupation Centre', serves as an ominous reminder that things can get very serious indeed in the UK when people start standing up for themselves. Filmed on December 17th, the first anniversary of Mohamed Bouazizi setting himself on fire in Tunisia and setting off the events of the 'Arab Spring', exactly three months since Occupy Wall Street began and Bradley Manning's 24th birthday.
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