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Video: Waltham Forest protest against the EDL

TVVideos from the latest humiliation for the racist EDL - this time massively outnumbered by the residents of Waltham Forest who turned out to oppose them

  • Written by Fourmanfilms
  • Category: Video

Protests greet above inflation rail fair increases

Bob CrowUnions joined with public transport campaign groups at more than 40 stations and rail terminals across the UK in protests over rising costs of rail tickets, coupled with cuts to passenger services and jobs.

  • Written by UnionNews
  • Category: Video

SCAF, you 'Council of Bastards' video

Absolutely fantastic video of Egyptian football fans from the Ultras Ahlawy team singing Oh Council of Bastards to the military SCAF.

  • Written by Operation Egypt
  • Category: Video

Video: London protest for Palestine's hunger strikers

video clipPro-Palestinian activists gathered, Saturday, to remember the forcefull expulsion of Palestinians from their homeland with full complicity from the west, and pressure the British government.

  • Written by Counterfire
  • Category: Video

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