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Refugees in Calais

At the borders of humanity

Shadia Edwards-Dashti reports on a delegation from England and Scotland to the refugee camp near Calais on Saturday

  • Written by Shadia Edwards-Dashti
  • Category: Latest News
Manchester Demo

Stay in the streets

The movement outside of Parliament is critical. This government can – and will – be defeated. But it will need all of us to work for it

Manchester Demo

Manchester protest diary

A satisfying, hopeful and successful week ruining the Tory Conference recorded by Cameron Panting

  • Written by Cameron Panting
  • Category: Latest News

Protesting barbarity

Activists in London staged a big protest march against the shocking bomb attack on an Ankara peace rally. Chris Nineham reports and looks at the background

  • Written by Chris Nineham
  • Category: Latest News
Syrian refugee

Refugees welcome here

The idea that securing the borders and making life for asylum seekers harder represents an adequate response to the refugee crisis is not only inhumane, but deeply naïve

  • Written by Peter Stauber
  • Category: Latest News

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