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The return of mass strikes

It looks as if 10 July will be the largest day of strike action for two years. John Rees reports from discussions at the national meeting of the People’s Assembly

  • Written by John Rees
  • Category: Latest News
Kshama Sawant

Seattle minimum wage breakthrough

Strikes, protests, pickets, boycotts, and walkouts, press stunts and electoral campaigns, every stop has been pulled out for this movement and in Seattle it has won writes Charlie Ebert

  • Written by Charlie Ebert
  • Category: Latest News
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London remembers Orgreave

Thirty years ago in June saw a defining moment of the Miners Strike. Mark Perryman explains why London is due to host an anniversary truth and justice benefit concert

  • Written by Mark Perryman
  • Category: Latest News

Ukraine: miners enter the fray

Yesterday a strike broke out at mines in the Luhansk region owned by Rinat Akhmetov an Oligarch and Ukraine’s richest man

  • Written by Alastair Stephens (translator)
  • Category: Latest News

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