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The New Labour project has been exposed today as a massive money making machine for a small cabal of "politically motivated men" who were clearly "intensely relaxed about the filthy rich".

Hoon for saleThe party was simply a huge ATM for Blair and his clique ever since its leader forced through the abolition of Clause VI of the Labour constitution which called for the "common ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange"

And today's suspension of three former cabinet ministers from the Labour party shows that the sheer avarice of its MPs far outweighed any principle, propriety or even fear of being exposed.

The Sunday Times has done the cash for questions and cash for access sting before - revealing selling "contacts and knowledge" is commonplace. Jack Straw's only defence is his colleagues are liars and the rules were not actually broken.

Tony Blair has been the New Labour benefactor in chief and with even Polly Toynbee of the Guardian forced to admit that his "behaviour since 2007 defies the ravings of his worst enemies."

Since invading Iraq without a UN mandate and with no immediate threat he has taken money from Iraqi and South Korean oil firms, a further £1m from the Kuwaiti royal family and £4million to publish his book justifying his crimes.

John Lewis sofas

The former Prime Minister has made at least £20 million from selling out the Labour party and selling British foreign policy to the extreme neo-conservative American power. (What price the death of a British soldier?)

Every member of the Labour government was on the make and the smell of rapidly printed money. While leaders have always been brought down by sex (if they were Conservative) or lucre (if they were Labour) this really is the most audatious heist in political history.

As soon as the party came to power in 1997 it was rocked for "cash for access" scandals with Derek Draper telling an undercover journalist that he wanted to "stuff my bank account with £250 an hour."

The Labour party had to return a £1 million donation to Bernie Eccleston paid so he could continue to advertise cigarettes to sports fans (Eccleston later praised Hitler as a man who "gets things done").

Then Peter Mandelson borrowed £373,000 from comrade Geoffrey Robinson to help with his mortgage. The infamous "minister without portfolio" resigned for a second time when he was caught sorting out passports for the corrupt arms dealing brothers the Hinduja brothers.

The expenses scandal which ripped through the halls of Westminster showed so many Labour MPs were happy to claim mortgage payments for second homes, flat screen TVs and John Lewis sofas on the public purse while claiming asylum seekers were a drain on resources.

Filled their boots

Byers has been caught offering services rendered to any corporation for just £5,000 - and is proud to have wrecked a food labeling scheme designed to protect the health of working class shoppers for Tesco, one of Britain's biggest and ugliest firms.

Patricia Hewitt is a health minister cashing in with private health companies. Alan Milburn, once the guardian of the nation's health, is paid by sugar drinks multinational Pepsico.

It was of course Mandelson who said Labour was "intensely relaxed about the filthy rich". And he added: "As long as they pay their taxes". A total of £40 billion went unpaid in tax by corporations last year. The tax offices themselves are owned by a company held in tax havens.

Had a few powerful Labour politicians filled their boots while conducting a massive transfer of wealth from the richest in society to the poorest then grass root Labour members may have had a few bent and decaying straws to cling to.

The abattoir

But it's the other way round: Labour has presided over a huge widening of the equality gap, has handed over billions in public assets to the filthy rich while continuing to attack "benefits cheats" and striking British Airways workers.

The Labour leadership therefore cashed in on the misery of its own members and its own voters. The poorest 10 percent of society pay 46 percent of their income in taxation - filling the coffers for MPs expenses - while the richest pay just 34 percent.

So after 13 years of a Labour Government 91 percent of the nation's wealth belongs to top half of society - and the majority owned by the top tenth. The poorest are drowning in debt, owing more than they own.

This is at a time when £200 billion in public money has been created, loaned and handed out to save the banks, the spivs and the gormless aristocracy which invested in derivatives it would never be able to understand.

Working class people like the BA strikers who try to defend their meager £11,000-a-year incomes through the only way possible - union solidarity and ultimately strike action - have been vilified by Gordon Brown.

Labour has always been compromised and senior politicians have always made a few bob. But New Labour with the mitigation of neo-liberal globalisation and flagrant money grabbing has sold they very last of the reformist silver.

The world has turned upside down. Half a century after George Orwell expressed the nightmare vision of the pigs betraying the farm animals, seduced by the comforts of the Manor.

Today the media is baying for blood while most people just seem exhausted. And so the question remains: is it the work horse or the suckling pig that will find itself carted off to the abattoir.

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