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Dilma Rouseff and Aécio Neves

What is at stake at the Brazilian polls?

As Brazil goes to the polls, Orlando Hill argues that despite the problems of the PT governments, the task now is to defeat the right's Aécio Neves

  • Written by Orlando Hill
  • Category: Opinion
London Fire

Britain's crisis continues

Chris Bambery argues that, despite the No vote in the referendum last month, the British state remains mired in a deep crisis with no obvious way out

  • Written by Chris Bambery
  • Category: Opinion

Parliamentary change

There is a deep political crisis going on in Britain. New politics, institutions and forms of organisation are required to defeat austerity and secure its alternative writes Brian Heron

  • Written by Brian Heron
  • Category: Opinion

A breath of fresh air

Mark Perryman reviews an exceptionally strong list of autumn political reading

  • Written by Mark Perryman
  • Category: Opinion

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