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European Left

The European Left and the Euro

The Left must ensure that the case against Europe is about transforming social and economic conditions, rather than as a basis for ultra-nationalist solutions to Europe’s malaise writes Reuben Bard-Rosenberg

  • Written by Reuben Bard-Rosenberg
  • Category: Opinion
Football fans

Football’s Minority Movement

In the face of  the Premier League’s conspicuous consumption Mark Perryman wonders where the fans’ fury might end up?

  • Written by Mark Perryman
  • Category: Opinion

Confronting EU illusions

How can we voice opposition to the EU without sounding like Nigel Farage? Well the obvious answer is not to stay silent about the EU’s lack of democracy writes Chris Bambery

  • Written by Chris Bambery
  • Category: Opinion

Israel’s attack in Syria: why now?

Israeli military support for Al Qaeda's Syrian affiliate and an attempt to derail talks on Iran's nuclear programme may be behind Israel's latest attacks in Syria writes Joshua Tartakovsky

  • Written by Joshua Tartakovsky
  • Category: Opinion

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