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Miliband's sectarianism

All sectarianism is damaging to the working class interest. But Miliband's threats to Scottish voters are dangerous, potentially mortal writes Brian Heron

  • Written by Brian Heron
  • Category: Opinion
Days of hope

Scotland’s turn

Mark Perryman argues why on election night England’s Radical Left should be celebrating the SNP Landslide

  • Written by Mark Perryman
  • Category: Opinion

The NHS election

The NHS is a major election issue, but the only thing that will stop its destruction is the mobilisation of a national campaign writes Dr Youssef El-Gingihy

  • Written by Dr Youssef El-Gingihy
  • Category: Opinion
Trevor Noah

This is not about offence!

Offensive jokes are a significant part of the infrastructure of prejudice argues Jeremy Messenger

  • Written by Jeremy Messenger
  • Category: Opinion
Book Cover

Work, Sex and Power

The entire human history of exploitation and oppression is vividly summarised in Willie Thompson’s Work, Sex, Power, finds Mike Quille

  • Written by Mike Quille
  • Category: Opinion

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