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Cameron's red carpet for the butcher of Egypt

Davis Cameron is hosting President al-Sisi in Downing Street, the man responsible for crushing Egypt's democracy. Chris Nineham explains why hundreds have been protesting against el-Sisi's presence

  • Written by Chris Nineham
  • Category: Opinion
Labour front bencher Hilary Benn has indicated he could support the Tories over Syria bombing vote

Syria and the Labour warriors

The Tories need Labour's war faction to deliver a serious looking majority on bombing Syria writes Brian Heron

  • Written by Brian Heron
  • Category: Opinion
Trade union march

Anti-union bill is an attack on us all

The Tories are planning the biggest assault on rights at work since the 1980s. Peter Stauber spoke to Richard Allday of Unite the Union’s National Executive Committee about the new legislation

  • Written by Peter Stauber
  • Category: Opinion

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