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Director Ken Loach prepares a shot for his twenty-third feature film, ‘I, Daniel Blake’

Daniel Blake: an everyday tragedy

Austerity penalises the most vulnerable in our society. This government’s record is shameful and we most hold the Tories to account, writes Dr Mona Kamal

  • Written by Mona Kamal
  • Category: Opinion
Donald Trump, US President Elect

The centre cannot win

Donald Trump should have been the dream opponent. A narcissistic blowhard opposed by his own party. He should have been a walk over

Make America Great Again, Trump 2016 Campaign Sign, Iowa, 2016

Trump and Nato: continuity and change

As the dust begins to settle on the result of the US presidency, Jonathan Maunders disentangles the reality from the rhetoric in Trump's nascent foreign policy   

  • Written by Jonathan Maunders
  • Category: Opinion

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