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The class referendum

PovertyBen Wray looks at the comments of the Ipsos-Mori Scotland Director who argued that class 'is the most important factor' in influencing the decision of voters the independence referendum

  • Written by Ben Wray
  • Category: Opinion

Why we must never forget

HolocaustOn Holocaust Memorial Day Lindsey German charts how the Nazis were able to perpetrate their crimes by eliminating all effective and organised opposition

  • Written by Lindsey German
  • Category: Opinion

Liquidating Labour

Labour wilted roadLabour Party member James Doran gives an insider's view of the party's future

  • Written by James Doran
  • Category: Opinion

World War One and the rehabilitation of slaughter

Army recruitsDamaged by Iraq, ground down in Afghanistan, defeated over Syria, the jingoistic right are determined to rewrite the history of the First World War in an effort to rehabilitate imperialist war in the early 21st century

  • Written by Neil Faulkner
  • Category: Opinion

Miners strike lies: thirty years of hurt‏

miners strikeReleased cabinet papers confirm what we always knew - that Thatcher lied about almost every aspect of the Great Miners Strike of 1984-85. Former striking miner Joe Henry looks back in anger

  • Written by Joe Henry
  • Category: Opinion

Madiba and comrades: Ruth First and Joe Slovo

Madiba and ComradesRuth First and Joe Slovo were hunted and persecuted for their struggle to bring equality to South Africa. Alan Wieder writes about two leading anti-apartheid activists

  • Written by Alan Wieder
  • Category: Opinion

Regime crisis in Turkey

Graffiti during Gezi protestsThe regime crisis unfolding in Turkey will shape the country for years to come. Mark Bergfeld reports

  • Written by Mark Bergfeld
  • Category: Opinion

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