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Len McCluskey

Unite, Labour and the election

Labour's defeat has been followed by Blairite attacks on the union link and on Unite and Len McLuskey in particular. Richard Allday looks at how socialists should respond

  • Written by Richard Allday
  • Category: Opinion
Tony Blair

The future of Labour: Blairism 2.0?

The latest election shows us that there is a yearning for an alternative. Sam Leach looks at why Blairism 2.0 will be the end of the Labour party

  • Written by Sam Leach
  • Category: Opinion
David Cameron

A crisis of representation

Democratic reform is on the agenda now whether people like it or not. Other political forces will take advantage of this if the left sits on its hands argues Alastair Stephens

  • Written by Alastair Stephens
  • Category: Opinion

Revolutionising reformism

It will be up to the radicals and revolutionaries to make the case for an effective, modern reformism - a minimum set of demands, as a prelude to further radicalization - argues James Meadway

  • Written by James Meadway
  • Category: Opinion

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