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Economics of the 1%

Economics has been hijacked by ‘econfakers’ and it is up to the true economists to rescue it, argues Orlando Hill

  • Written by Orlando Hill
  • Category: Book Reviews
The Magic Kingdom

Breaking the Magic Kingdom’s code

Dan Hind's new book on the constitution of the British state makes the radical case for a republic. Socialists should take up the argument for democratisation, says James Doran

  • Written by James Doran
  • Category: Book Reviews
Book Cover

The Contradictions of Media Power

Des Freedman shows how the media is neither a simple monolith of power, nor a free-market of ideas, but that its contradictions allow mass movements to exert real pressure, argues Lindy Syson

  • Written by Lindy Syson
  • Category: Book Reviews
Romance and Caricature

Romanticism and Caricature

The tradition of political caricature in Britain, whose classic phase was 1790-1832, is revealed by Ian Haywood’s Romanticism and Caricature, finds Jacqueline Mulhallen

  • Written by Jackie Mulhallen
  • Category: Book Reviews

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