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vietnam war

When memory yields to pride

John Marciano’s The American War in Vietnam exposes ongoing attempts to rehabilitate a war that did so much to discredit imperialist interventions, finds Kit Klarenberg

  • Written by Kit Klarenberg
  • Category: Book Reviews
black ops advertising

Black Ops Advertising

Black Ops Advertising is a startling and entertaining critique of new forms of advertising, but the solution lies in collective organising, argues Lindy Syson

  • Written by Lindy Syson
  • Category: Book Reviews
len book

Len, A Lawyer in History

Len, A Lawyer in History is the important story of Leonard Weinglass and other activist lawyers in the US who represented people targeted for their politics, finds Alan Wieder

  • Written by Alan Wieder
  • Category: Book Reviews
samir amin

No way to remember anything

An analysis of the 2011 Egyptian revolution reproduces the same mistakes on the left that led to the revolution’s defeat in 2013, argues Kevin Crane

  • Written by Kevin Crane
  • Category: Book Reviews
crowds and party

Crowds and Party

Jodi Dean in Crowds and Party boldly reasserts the need for socialist organisation, as a necessary antidote to neoliberal individualism, finds Lindsey German

  • Written by Lindsey German
  • Category: Book Reviews

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