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giroux book review

America's Addiction to Terrorism

In this comprehensive account of social issues rooted in the neoliberal reign of terror, Henry Giroux provides a crucial critique of free-market fundamentalism in 2016, finds Shabbir Lakha

  • Written by Shabbir Lakha
  • Category: Book Reviews
Cover of Victor Serge, Year one of the Russian Revolution

Year One of the Russian Revolution

Victor Serge’s contemporary account is a critical but essential defence of the Bolsheviks’ efforts to save the gains of the revolution, argues Richard Allday

  • Written by Richard Allday
  • Category: Book Reviews
Cover of Can neuroscience change our minds

Can neuroscience change our minds?

Steven and Hilary Rose debunk the ideologically loaded claims of reductionist neuroscience in a short but clear book, finds Elaine Graham-Leigh

  • Written by Elaine Graham-Leigh
  • Category: Book Reviews
vietnam war

When memory yields to pride

John Marciano’s The American War in Vietnam exposes ongoing attempts to rehabilitate a war that did so much to discredit imperialist interventions, finds Kit Klarenberg

  • Written by Kit Klarenberg
  • Category: Book Reviews
black ops advertising

Black Ops Advertising

Black Ops Advertising is a startling and entertaining critique of new forms of advertising, but the solution lies in collective organising, argues Lindy Syson

  • Written by Lindy Syson
  • Category: Book Reviews
len book

Len, A Lawyer in History

Len, A Lawyer in History is the important story of Leonard Weinglass and other activist lawyers in the US who represented people targeted for their politics, finds Alan Wieder

  • Written by Alan Wieder
  • Category: Book Reviews

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