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Obama and the troops

The making of Iraq War III

Sean Ledwith investigates the history of Western involvement in Iraq that has led the US into a third war in the country

  • Written by Sean Ledwith
  • Category: Analysis
Crowd of people

Austerity isn't working, and here's why

James Meadway: you can’t have consistently rising debts, and consistently falling incomes. The two must collide at some point. That means a crisis

  • Written by James Meadway
  • Category: Analysis
People's Question Time

A revolt of our own

Chris Nineham on why we need to lead the fight against inequality and for democracy

  • Written by Chris Nineham
  • Category: Analysis
Nigel Farage

Who is Nigel Farage?

Nigel Farage should not be allowed to hijack the widespread disaffection with the Westminster elite argues John Westmorland

  • Written by John Westmoreland
  • Category: Analysis