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Why bombing Syria is a very bad idea

John Rees: UK bombing will increase the civilian death toll and the number of refugees, recruit to IS and strengthen Assad, and fuel the major powers’ arms race in the region. It is the very definition of a foreign policy disaster waiting to happen

  • Written by John Rees
  • Category: Analysis
Anti TTIP Protest

Another Europe is necessary

We cannot be neutral with regard to the upcoming referendum on EU membership. If Britain votes to stay in, we will be effectively signing up to all of Europe’s neoliberal strictures for another generation

  • Written by Reuben Bard-Rosenberg
  • Category: Analysis

Jez we did! A landslide for hope

Corbyn's election represents a decisive rejection of Blairism, a vote against austerity and against war, and a vote for peace and justice. The possibilities opened up now are immense

Labour resigns as the Opposition

Yesterday’s vote could well be a milestone in the decline of the Labour Party. It was a shameful spectacle to see Labour's majority abstaining writes John Westmoreland

  • Written by John Westmoreland
  • Category: Analysis

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