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What makes a movement?

Change comes from mass action by working people - and as the movement grows, socialist organisation in the movement needs to grow too writes Chris Nineham

  • Written by Chris Nineham
  • Category: Analysis

Phoenix time

John Rees looks at what can rise from the ashes of the election

  • Written by John Rees
  • Category: Analysis

For the Liberal Democrats small is the new normal

Nick Clegg and his fellow Orange Book neoliberals have merely restored the Liberal Democrats to their true place in British politics after a brief sojourn on the centre-left writes Alastair Stephens

  • Written by Alastair Stephens
  • Category: Analysis
Ed Miliband

The fall and rise of Ed Miliband

The prospect of Miliband’s recent rise in popularity climaxing with Cameron's ejection from Number 10 should be welcomed on the left argues Sean Ledwith

  • Written by Sean Ledwith
  • Category: Analysis

Nepal: an unnatural disaster

A rapid response is guaranteed when security or economic interests are threatened, but international donors have yet to honour the pledges made to Nepal writes Feyzi Ismail

The gamble of the dying

David Cameron and his friends are playing up the 'threat' from the SNP. This gamble may yet buy them a few seats - but at the expense of their own future writes James Meadway

  • Written by James Meadway
  • Category: Analysis

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