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  • Published in Video

Video from the recent London Counterforum: The Politics of Resistance at SOAS on November 5th.

Revolution and Counter Revolution in the Middle East

Karma Nabulsi (Palestinian activist and ex PLO representative)

Adam Hanieh (Author of Capitalism and Class in the Gulf Arab States)

Hannah Elsisi (Egyptian student activist)

John Rees (Co-author of The People Demand, a Short History of the Arab Revolutions)

Why Marx was Right

Terry Eagleton (Marxist critic and author)

Europe in meltdown

Mathios Tsimitakis (Greek journalist and activist)

James Meadway (Senior Economist, New Economics Foundation pc)

The assault on Universities

Michael Bailey (co-editor The Assault on Universities)

Andrew McGettigan (blogger and researcher)

Feyzi Ismail (SOAS student and contributor to The Assault on Universities)

Sean Rillo Raczka (Vice President ULU)

Sex and Sexism

Kate Connelly (suffragette historian)

Lindsey German (author of Material Girls: Women, Men and Work)

The crisis and the movement an alternative question time with:

Chris Bambery (International Socialists of Scotland)

Josh Virasami (Occupy LSX)

Elly Badcock (Student activist)

Alex Kenny (NUT)

Hosted by Clare Solomon


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