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Miliband's sectarianism

All sectarianism is damaging to the working class interest. But Miliband's threats to Scottish voters are dangerous, potentially mortal writes Brian Heron

  • Written by Brian Heron
  • Category: Opinion

Nepal: an unnatural disaster

A rapid response is guaranteed when security or economic interests are threatened, but international donors have yet to honour the pledges made to Nepal writes Feyzi Ismail

The gamble of the dying

David Cameron and his friends are playing up the 'threat' from the SNP. This gamble may yet buy them a few seats - but at the expense of their own future writes James Meadway

  • Written by James Meadway
  • Category: Analysis
Days of hope

Scotland’s turn

Mark Perryman argues why on election night England’s Radical Left should be celebrating the SNP Landslide

  • Written by Mark Perryman
  • Category: Opinion

Avengers: Age of Repetitive Strain

As the Avengers once again look set to storm the box office, and as word of mouth continues to extol the virtues of the franchise, tireless contrarian Jack Brindelli gives a very different view

  • Written by Jack Brindelli
  • Category: Film Review

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