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Pro Bono?

Governments and corporate leaders want us to think that capitalist philanthropy is the way forward, but Mikkel Thorup’s Pro Bono is right to disagree, argues Dulcinea Wilkes

Why bombing Syria is a very bad idea

John Rees: UK bombing will increase the civilian death toll and the number of refugees, recruit to IS and strengthen Assad, and fuel the major powers’ arms race in the region. It is the very definition of a foreign policy disaster waiting to happen

  • Written by John Rees
  • Category: Analysis
Anti TTIP Protest

Another Europe is necessary

We cannot be neutral with regard to the upcoming referendum on EU membership. If Britain votes to stay in, we will be effectively signing up to all of Europe’s neoliberal strictures for another generation

  • Written by Reuben Bard-Rosenberg
  • Category: Analysis

Labour: a party always divided

As support for Jeremy Corbyn has grown so has the determination of those who have run Labour for years to hang on to as much power as they can - this is not new says Lindsey German

  • Written by Lindsey German
  • Category: History

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