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Directly elected mayors: a step backwards

Peter DaviesThe Tory-led government wants to undermine and erode local democracy. With 10 cities voting on directly elected mayors on 3 May, Doncaster activist Mick Wattam responds.

  • Written by Mick Wattam
  • Category: Opinion

Make Gove History

Education Secretary Michael Gove wants to take the History curriculum back in time. A-level History teacher John Westmoreland explains why memorising dates is no real education.

  • Written by John Westmoreland
  • Category: Opinion

Riots, materialism and the looting role models

Samantha Cameron's £950 Nancy handbagAs the Riots Communities and Victims Panel identifies commercialism and materialism as significant driving forces behind last year's riots, Matt Carr looks at the values of our political elite.

  • Written by Matt Carr
  • Category: Opinion

A fuel tanker driver's story

Tanker driverFuel tanker drivers are ready for strike action next month, an action which could strike a huge blow to the coalition government. In this exclusive for Counterfire, a driver explains why.

  • Written by A tanker driver
  • Category: Opinion

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