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Scotland: escaping the austerity Union

The Scottish Parliament is defenceless against Westminster cuts - remaining in the UK would condemn Scots to low wages, falling living standards and humiliating welfare cuts argues Adam Frew

  • Written by Adam Frew
  • Category: Opinion
Gaza strip demolished building

Israel and the unmaking of Palestinian society

The Israeli government appears to have gone beyond its previous policy of keeping Gaza on the brink of collapse and adopted a policy aimed at unmaking Palestinian society in Gaza

  • Written by Matt Carr
  • Category: Opinion
London Protestors

Why are British people so angry over Gaza?

Lindsey German explains why people are on the streets over Gaza. There is a deep and longstanding movement in solidarity with the Palestinians, and anger over the British government's complicity with Israeli crimes

  • Written by Lindsey German
  • Category: Opinion
Albert Einstein

Einstein’s theory

Charles B. Anthony: I for one will not let Israel hijack my family’s religion and culture in order to propagate the myth that coexistence between Muslims and Jews is not possible

  • Written by Charles B. Anthony
  • Category: Opinion
Members of the Abid Raboh family mourn the death of a child killed by shelling, during funerals in Jabaliya near Gaza City. Photograph: Sergey Ponomarev/The New York Times

Gaza: parity and the reporting of a massacre

Regardless of hypothetical murderous intentions on both sides, the facts are that only one side is bombing a condensed civilian population with F-16 fighter jets writes Barnaby Raine

  • Written by Barnaby Raine
  • Category: Opinion

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