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Madiba and comrades: Ruth First and Joe Slovo

Madiba and ComradesRuth First and Joe Slovo were hunted and persecuted for their struggle to bring equality to South Africa. Alan Wieder writes about two leading anti-apartheid activists

  • Written by Alan Wieder
  • Category: Opinion

Regime crisis in Turkey

Graffiti during Gezi protestsThe regime crisis unfolding in Turkey will shape the country for years to come. Mark Bergfeld reports

  • Written by Mark Bergfeld
  • Category: Opinion

Transforming or removing rehabilitation

PrisonerChris Grayling’s Transforming Rehabilitation agenda is about to completely decimate a service whose aim is to protect the public and rehabilitate offenders

  • Written by Anita de Klerk
  • Category: Opinion
Russell Brand at Anonymous protest. Photo by @sparkers7

The politics of 'anti-politics'

After Russell Brand’s attack on the political system, Elizabeth Humphrys and Tad Tietze of the Australian blog Left Flank offer some thoughts on 'anti-politics'

  • Written by Elizabeth Humphrys & Tad Tietze
  • Category: Opinion

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