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Pride still matters

Callum Morrison argues for a radical Glasgow Pride that challenges the mistaken notion that LGBT liberation has already been achieved

  • Written by Callum Morrison
  • Category: Opinion

Rivers run deep, but cuts run deeper

two narrow boats passing each other on the canalThe new Canal and River Trust is part of the government’s cuts agenda and is having a disastrous effect on those who work on and enjoy our waterways, says Anita de Klerk

  • Written by Anita de Klerk
  • Category: Opinion

Lessons on Islamophobia

Islamophobia rears its ugly head as a woman wearing the niqab is turned away from her son's parents evening over 'security concerns', writes Assed Baig.

Sarsak 1 - 0 Israel

Pete Ramand reports on the latest hunger strike to score a victory against the Israeli state

  • Written by Peter Ramand
  • Category: Opinion

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