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oswald mosley

The Nazis and the British establishment

In the TV series SS-GB key figures from the British ruling class take part in the resistance against Nazi occupation. But, as Chris Bambery argues, this would have been an unlikely scenario

  • Written by Chris Bambery
  • Category: Opinion
Stand with Standing Rock protest in San Francisco, November 2016. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Last Stand at Standing Rock

Indigenous people and 'water protectors' were cleared out of the Oceti camp this week following Trump's go ahead to the DAPL reports Kara Bryan

  • Written by Kara Bryan
  • Category: Opinion
vero mendoza

Peru: the left’s failure

By becoming entrenched in parliamentary politics, the left coalition under Vero Mendoza has undermined its support base

  • Written by Jonathan Maunders
  • Category: Opinion
anti-Trump demo

Join the movement against Trump

The rising resistance against the US president represents a huge opportunity for those on the left to make the case for a different kind of world

  • Written by Tom Griffiths
  • Category: Opinion

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