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Joe Glenton: Counter... erm… books?

GlentonGiven the fact that the left is heavily populated by both the literary and the opinionated, there is no shortage of reading material. Joe Glenton comments on some of his recent favourites.

Joe Glenton: the drums of war beat again

The drums of war are beating again, if they ever stopped. After an embarrassing showing in the US’s recent outings in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and the rest, can the ruling class summon up the idiocy to attack Iran?

Defending the right to protest: a movement on trial

Bryan SimpsonUnite representative and victimised student protester Bryan Simpson argues that the disgraceful sentences handed down to protesters as young as 17 are indicative not only of the state’s intention to supress dissent but also its fear of mass protest.

  • Written by Bryan Simpson
  • Category: Opinion

Capitalism or democracy?

Capitalism or democracy? This question forms the epicentre of the Eurozone crisis, the axis around which the economic hurricane now revolves, argues Charles Brown.

Getting boots on the ground

occupy lsx campJoe Glenton, a former soldier jailed for refusing to return to Afghanistan, visits Occupy LSX, the 'forward operating base ' of the revolution.

  • Written by Joe Glenton
  • Category: Opinion

Crisis, the 'Occupy' movement and anti-capitalist strategy

Rome, October 15, 2011 | image: Reuters/Stefano RellandiniThe 'Occupy' movement is the latest example of the impact radical action and ideas can have when the system is weak. As a second global slump looms, Ben Wray argues that we need to sharpen our strategy if we our to seize the initiative away from the ruling class.

  • Written by Ben Wray
  • Category: Opinion

Defend the Camp: Defy the ban

Britain’s rulers and their media have made a fine spectacle of their stupidity in response to the Occupy London campsite. You really couldn’t have made it up, Neil Faulkner explains.

  • Written by Neil Faulkner
  • Category: Opinion

Dale Farm testimony

Riot police at Dale farmAlex Bennett attended the Dale Farm evictions as a legal observer. This is his account of the excessive force used to ethnically cleanse the site.

  • Written by Alex Bennett
  • Category: Opinion

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