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Grenfell Tower. Photo: Flickr/Matt Brown

May Days: a benefit for Grenfell

William Alderson’s “magnificent” poem May Days is to be performed by actors in aid of the Grenfell Tower victims to commemorate the anniversary of the disaster

  • Written by William Alderson
  • Category: Opinion
Tommy Robinson leading an EDL demonstration, London 2013. Photo: Flickr/Andy Thornley

They shall not pass: all out on 9th June

The Democratic Football Lads Alliance is a plainly racist organisation; anti-racists need to make sure they stop them marching on 9th June argues Josh Newman

  • Written by Josh Newman
  • Category: Opinion
The English Countryside. Photo: brizzle born and bred

Town and country attitudes

Is there really the great divide? John Rees examines the changing landscape of the countryside

  • Written by John Rees
  • Category: Opinion
Bristol UCU demonstration during the 14 day strike, March 2018. Photo: Jack Hazeldine

UCU: we are the union

The annual UCU conference has begun and the leadership, unwilling to accept criticism, has acted anti-democratically and with contempt of its members reports Des Freedman

  • Written by Des Freedman
  • Category: Opinion
Statue of Marx and Engels in Berlin. Photo: Johann H. Addicks

Who Was Karl Marx?

The world has changed dramatically since Marx's day, but his ideas could not be more relevant, writes Dragan Plavsic

  • Written by Dragan Plavšić
  • Category: Opinion

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