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Independence march shows potential

Ben Wray reports from the march and rally for independence in Edinburgh yesterday. He argues it exceeded expectations, and shows potential for the left in the pro-independence camp

  • Written by Ben Wray
  • Category: Opinion

Romney, Blair and #MuslimRage

Romney cartoonRomney's imploding election campaign, Nato's failing Afghan campaign, bigotry satirised on twitter and Tony Blair - Isma'il Muhammad on the last seven days

  • Written by Isma'il Muhammad
  • Category: Opinion

The best bits of the week

HarrySanum Ghafoor takes a look at a week that saw Cameron increase the rich white male count in the cabinet and Prince Harry put some clothes on

  • Written by Sanum Ghafoor
  • Category: Opinion

No return to boom

The government’s austerity programme is ensuring that the recession goes on, explains left-wing economist James Meadway

  • Written by James Meadway
  • Category: Opinion

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