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grunwick book

Grunwick: The Workers' Story - review

The Grunwick strike, 1976-8, was a pivotal event for the labour movement, and this classic account contains key lessons for activists, argues Richard Allday

  • Written by Richard Allday
  • Category: Book Reviews
chris marker

Studio: Remembering Chris Marker

Chris Marker, the innovative, left-wing filmmaker, is given a moving and insightful tribute in Studio: Remembering Chris Marker, finds Tom Griffiths

  • Written by Tom Griffiths
  • Category: Book Reviews
dilemmas of lenin

The Dilemmas of Lenin

Tariq Ali finds a fresh approach to Lenin that enables a rediscovery of the importance of his revolutionary politics for today, finds Lindsey German

  • Written by Lindsey German
  • Category: Book Reviews
october 1917

October 1917: Workers in Power

The collection of essays in October 1917 show the Revolution as animated by ‘the irrepressible aspiration of humanity to freedom’, finds Judy Cox

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