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CBI calls for further attacks on union rights

Richard Lambert CBI Not satisfied with the raft of anti-union laws introduced during the Thatcher government of the 1980s, employers' organisation the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) wants the coalition government to push even further.

  • Written by Alex Snowdon
  • Category: Analysis

Lehman Brothers Two Years On

Times HeadlineIt is two years today since Lehman Brothers became the biggest bankruptcy in US history. A $600bn corporate monster, the world’s third largest bank, disappeared overnight.

  • Written by James Meadway
  • Category: Analysis

Public opinion and the cuts

As much as many commentators tried to spin the ConDem's polling statistics in a positive light, YouGov figures expose faultlines that are deepening rapidly.

  • Written by Dan Poulton
  • Category: Analysis

Socialists and the United Front

With the launch of Coalition of Resistance, a united front against the recession, Alex Snowdon explores the history of united fronts and their relevance to activists today.

  • Written by Alex Snowdon
  • Category: Analysis

The Crisis: Where did it come from? What’s the solution? (Video)

Lindsey GermanEast London Counterfire's recent public meeting provided a forum for discussion and analysis of the origins of the financial crisis and what strategies can be put in to place to challenge the consensus that cuts have to happen. With Lindsey German and James Meadway.

  • Written by Paul Hanes
  • Category: Analysis

Trident and the cuts

Trident nuclear submarine

Trident may be paid for from the MOD budget but we still face swingeing cuts elsewhere to pay for military spending, writes Kate Hudson.

  • Written by Kate Hudson
  • Category: Analysis

Who is winning the debate about cuts?

mydavidcameron imageMassive cuts in public spending means convincing people to accept the idea that cuts in servies, pay, pensions and benefits are a necessity. Alex Snowdon looks at how the battle of ideas is going.

  • Written by Alex Snowdon
  • Category: Analysis

The cost of war

This remarkable graphic illustrates a number of points that have become obvious in recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • Written by John Rees
  • Category: Analysis

Cuts, counter-reforms, and the class struggle

cameron with cleaverNeil Faulkner argues that every socialist, green activist, trade unionist, and anti-capitalist needs to see building mass action against the cuts as the central political priority.

  • Written by Neil Faulkner
  • Category: Analysis

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