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A tornado in the Baltic Sea from 2015

The dangers we face

The current ascendancy of the left in the UK is beset by serious threats. They must be faced and defeated, argues John Rees

  • Written by John Rees
  • Category: Analysis
European far right leaders at the European Parliament on May 28 2014 - Salvini (Lega Nord), Vilimsky (FPÖ), Le Pen (FN), Wilders (PVV), Annemans (VB).

The rise of the far right - and how we stop it

As fascist organisation grows across Europe, assisted by the populist right, our history of struggle directs us to a path of united resistance led by socialist ideas, argues John Westmoreland

  • Written by John Westmoreland
  • Category: Analysis
Raheem Kassam, former editor-in-chief of far-right news site Breitbart London. Photo: The Commentator

The new forces behind the fascist right

A changed threat has emerged in Tommy Robinson's street movement, supported by the international populist right. John Rees looks at how we meet it

  • Written by John Rees
  • Category: Analysis
Andrés Manuel López Obrador at a victory rally after his election as President of Mexico.

The rise of president ‘AMLO’: Mexico’s left turn?

The landslide triumph of anti-establishment figure Andrés Manuel López Obrador has emerged from a disastrous social and economic crisis for Mexico’s ruling order and traditional party, opening up a new era of possibility for the left, argues Sean Ledwith

  • Written by Sean Ledwith
  • Category: Analysis
Ontario Conservative Party leader Doug Ford at an election rally.

Populism and polarisation in Ontario: election analysis

The Tory victory shows a missed opportunity for Ontario's labour party, but the left must organise now and fight en masse against Doug Ford's ugly party of the bosses, write activists Doug Nesbitt, Gerard Di Trolio and David Bush ('Fight for $15' campaign)

  • Written by Doug Nesbitt, Gerard Di Trolio and David Bush
  • Category: Analysis

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