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Amber Rudd MP Secretary of State

Amber Rudd Must Go

The entire left must stand united in its condemnation of the Windrush scandal, and demand the immediate resignation of Amber Rudd.

  • Written by Shabbir Lakha
  • Category: Opinion
islamophobia book

What Is Islamophobia? - book review

The contributions in What is Islamophobia? show it as a form of racism driven in the first instance by the state and the war on terror, finds Shabbir Lakha

  • Written by Shabbir Lakha
  • Category: Book Reviews
The Karl Marx monument at Chemnitz. Photo: Pixabay

Marx and the national question

Marx's understanding of the fight for self-determination at national level as a step on the road to socialism is useful for us today, argues Chris Bambery

  • Written by Chris Bambery
  • Category: Opinion
Protesters in the city of Burnaby, British Colombia, hold a banner reading

Justin Trudeau's dirty deeds for dirty oil

He reps for poisonous pipelines whilst claiming climate piety; Trudeau’s slick cynicism springs protest from London to British Colombia, reports John Clarke

  • Written by John Clarke
  • Category: Opinion

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