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anti-Trump demo

Join the movement against Trump

The rising resistance against the US president represents a huge opportunity for those on the left to make the case for a different kind of world

  • Written by Tom Griffiths
  • Category: Opinion
manning mural

The war on whistleblowers

The government doesn't think the governed need to know what it's doing, and it has new plans to keep it that way argues Kara Bryan

  • Written by Kara Bryan
  • Category: Opinion
Muslim fighters from Tatarstan join the Bolshevik Red Army in 1918. Source: Dawn

The moon and stars: Bolshevism and Islam

The young Soviet Union took measures which were radical in giving power to indigenous people, including the Muslim peoples of Central Asia

  • Written by Chris Bambery
  • Category: History
Arthur Ransome. Photo: Hugh Lupton

Arthur Ransome on the Russian Revolution

Arthur Ransome wrote the pamphlet, The Truth About Russia, in Moscow in 1918 to win international support for the Revolution. Introduction by Judy Cox

  • Written by Judy Cox
  • Category: History

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